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    • The Sphinx in Zadar? 🤔 Yes, it is possible. 

      To me one of the most beautiful stories of the city, which inspired me for this painting.
       Overwhelmed by the early loss of his wife Attila, the famous Giovanni Smirić from Zadar had a concrete sphinx built in her honor in 1918. It is located in the city area of ​​Brodarica, within the space of Villa Attila and the park in the bay Maestral, and legend has it that it fulfills love wishes for all romantic souls. It is about 5 meters long and about 3 meters high. Between the hands of the sculpture is a pool in the shape of a shell, and in her hands she held a sword that crossed the pool. Today, the sword no longer exists, as does the relief on the chest, but the sphinx still faithfully preserves the memory of one great love.
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