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Kao što sam napisala u kratkom opisu na instagram profilu. Ovaj rad sam započela davno kao potporu borcima protiv raka onda kada nisam znala da sam i ja jedan. Nadam se da ću se ubrzo moći vratiti crtanju. 😊



FAMILY PICTURE Nova serija radova na canvasu.


[ social media fake happiness ]

Have you ever posted a happy picture online to mask your real life unhappiness? And please, for f*** sake, stop posting happy posts while you dying inside. The more miserable you are in real life, the happier you are on social media with all this and that spiritual shit. In simple terms, the grass really isn’t greener.Social media is the fastest medium to allow people to publicly share their thoughts, feelings and life with others and has increasingly become inauthentic. From the rise of fake news to the rise of bots, fake followers and their trolls, it’s hard to know whom, what or where to trust.People who don’t have a perfect life are projecting their luxury cars, or vacations they have, even as their parents might be languishing in old age homes or being managed by domestic helps, or even when their spouses were leaving them or their kids hating them.The use of social media also affec

Nature 🌄🌺🌸

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But first coffee ☕

Summer 🌞