Radomariola Cikic

The lonely Apocaliptics

LONLEY APOCALIPTICS   WHEN YOU FEED YOURSELVES,                                                          YOU FEED YOUR ENEMY     BUT WHEN YOU STARVE YOU STARVE YOURSELF TO DEATH,                                                                                                              YOU PUT THEM IN STATE OF HUNGAR!                                               My dreams come true. Even nobady knows! Strange dream is that! I’ m inlove in older man,an movie editor with I colaborate on ecranizing of my book. And now my happines there is no end!Beacausr Im in room with him alone without heating.... Maybe he will hug me,only that.He’ s the only person who come to see me when I have fever and flue.Bring me food and all stafs!And now we are here stuck together!On New Year,or Old how you practice that term Whem you even know that I have red lingerie...only for tradition.I must confess i did