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                                                         YOU FEED YOUR ENEMY




                                                                                                             YOU PUT THEM IN STATE OF HUNGAR!
























My dreams come true.

Even nobady knows!

Strange dream is that!

I’ m inlove in older man,an movie editor with I colaborate on ecranizing of my book.

And now my happines there is no end!Beacausr Im in room with him alone without heating....

Maybe he will hug me,only that.He’ s the only person who come to see me when I have fever and flue.Bring me food and all stafs!And now we are here stuck together!On New Year,or Old how you practice that term Whem you even know that I have red lingerie...only for tradition.I must confess i did i fatasied..

But it’s cold! I start tremble! Fron coldness it’’ 31.December.He hugs me and says:“You are cold,conme under the blankets!

But hours later neither blankets helps,it’ s too cold.I can feel coldness cone from my fingers.

Someone pull’ s me over the bed in hug and I can hear words :“I want let you,Yoz will live!“

But even this is most beutifful nigth im life why do I have feelin everything wiil go upside down!From where comes this owfull feeling!

Boring!They shout some sceens thath I know on midnghith!For God sake I wrote this!

I dont know did I sayed to you that I hear some strange voices like whisper of wind!Flying of buterflys wings!

From somewhere it’ s heard noise and breaking of gllas!

Vandals!For sure!

But my instinct says to me run!But I cannot leave all theese people!Voice says to me and I stand!

By impulse!

Like at comanded!

Stand and stay upfront them!They are seven upfrot me!He lifts his hand and I done the same!

Rocks cones from somewhere and my hand stops them!

I’ m feelin odd!But I’m full of adrenaline!

„You showed your self beuty!“

I’m not afraiten of you!

„Soon we will know all your weakness and how to defeat you!“

In next moment I’m in some other Galaxy!He lifts his hand and sends warm balls of fjre at ne!I dont avoid them!Because I want them to think that I’m weak!

Even everything on my body burns and I have wounds!

I only need one touch,and I get it when he aprouch!

I only said PAIN!

And he falls with his blood out his mouth!

And I let him live!

You are a monster,for all of them.You are monster!

But I save them from you!You attack me!

Well then ask them to stand beside you!

I turn around and I see only HIM behind me!

I run outside,and he follows me but i ran!


Walk at safe place!

The air leads you!

The kindness leads you!

The calm leads you!

When you you run!

Go to safe!


Voice speaks to me!

And I see myself on the frozen river which brokes under me!And I fall with my hand upfront the sky!This is THE END!

I feel coldnes around me,and hear only words you are a monster!

But then someone pulls me on the surface and warms me in his hug!

„Who are you“?


Lonley Apocaliptics they calls us!Yes I know eweryone hates me now!

You can change them opinion!

But how!?Just look around self!

And a little cat comes upfront me and I take him in my arms and I send all my love to him!

And heal him!

You are healer!Apocaliotic Healer!And with that words my friend savior is killed like other two of my kind!

And I know what I need to do!?

I call you!

I dare you!

Come defeat me!

They come the seven horsmens!

And I kill one by one!

And left him to be last!


Your blood burns!Your wound wont heal!

Heart Atttack!

And you are dead!


Nothing,again I dont have inspiratino to finish my book!

One page of book vanish!

And one of page of diary not sent!


My Love,

Even you never will know the heat of my look which I want aproach to you and sumner you!To call you!Strong melody of my hearth thath sings to you!

Because you are far from me!The name I know,and figuer!But color of your soul I dont!But I will call you Red!Because its color of love!This is my conffeson to you!Fron soul!

Every night I dream about us!That I can turn back tine and stoo all my mistakes!And to stop the timeline betwen us!Because of all I love you.

Even on time diference I love you!

Because you are my life!

Life is too short for anger!

We can throw away a vase in a million picies on the wall@

The gift you gave me!

Vase with our names on it!

But I cannot earase your name from my heart!

Because you are there my Life!